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An Ideal Island for Relaxation,What particularly attracts Thai and Western tourists to go to Koh Samet is probably the relaxed environment, which is partly due to the lack of major commercial tourist attractions.Some of Thailand's whitest beaches, and a limited road network free of heavy traffic, makes the island ideal for visitors seeking relaxation in a hammock, in a cozy restaurant, or on the beach.However, there are of course some attractions on the island, which can all be accessed through a walk or a short trip by car or motorcycle
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BEST KOH SAMET HOTEL DEAL Sai Kaew Beach Resort Koh Samet BONUS FREE NIGHT !! Stay 4 Nights Pay 3 Nights Plus Only 385 Baht On Free Night.
Samed Cabana Resort Advance Booking 45 Days, Stay Minimum 2 Nights, Get Discount 10% !!!
Ao Prao Resort Koh Samet Minimum Stay 7 Nights Get Free Round trip hotel Shuttle boat.!!!
Koh Samet Thailand Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa: Traveler Reviews This hotel is a gem in of itself and the staff are very attentive to your needs, including providing birthday cakes! The bay it is situated in has two other resorts which provide other eating options but this also means there are more people around that you might expect. The beach and water might be crowded in the high season. * Liked The resort setting on a beach backed by forest provides an 'away from it all' feel. The rooms were spacious and well appointed. Facilities and service were very good. The Buzz bar and Thai restaurant is a great option for dinner and a sunset.

The first step to choosing an accommodation on Koh Samet is to single out the beach that sounds just right for you. Once you have that, the rest is easy. If you prefer to be at the centre of all happenings and don't mind a touristy atmosphere, then head for the northern beaches like Sai Kaew, Ao Phai and Ao Hin Khok. Ao Vong Duen, for water sports lovers, has a good range of budget to mid-scale hotels. If you are seeking both luxury and exclusivity, head straight to Ao Phrao and Ao Kiu Na Nok.

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    Koh Samet Boat Trips and Snorkeling

    Boat Trips and Snorkeling If you get tired of just relaxing on the beach, or in the hammock, our advice is to rent a motorboat (with driver) and get around the island and perhaps also make a pause a snorkeling. A trip around the island costs from around 500 baht.
    On the west side, the water is suitable for snorkeling. Some boat owners offer private tours to nearby islands such as Plai Tin, Kruai, Kham och Kudi, all situated east of Ko Samet, but the price is normally higher than for a trip around the island.

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